You will find several activities nearby the residence Saletta. In Balagne, from the sea to the mountains, there is only a few steps !



For the ones who enjoy water activities :

Boat and jet-ski rental : we have several partners offering boat and jet-ski rental, at a short walking distance from the residence. You will also find pedal boats, as well as numerous aquatic activities such as buoys, flyfish, wakeboard or waterskiing. / /

Diving school : our region hides incredible underwater treasures. From the « First dive » for the beginners, to the visit of a wreck for the confirmed divers, the diving clubs offer many possibilities for you and your family. /

Sailing school : the nautic club of Ile-Rousse proposes a variety of activities : rentals (paddle, windfoil, kayal, sailboard, catamaran), beginner courses, accompanied snorkeling.

Water trails : Adrilo Rand’eau composes daily programs of aquagym courses, or else, hiking trails and snorkelling tracks.

Boat rides : to discover the most beautiful places of the region, CNC offers boat rides everyday, with a qualified skipper. Your skipper will guarantee a comfortable navigation, as well as a guided tour of the most incredible sites of the region ; the natural reserve of Scandola, or the desert of the Agriates. You have the choice of your destination and program !

For the ones who enjoy land activities, you will also find at less than five minutes away ;

Quad rental : based in the harbour of Ile-Rousse, Nautimarine rents different types of vehicles, as quads or SSV.

Segway rental : from Ile-Rousse, discover the city riding a segway, and enjoy this very unusual transportation.

Moto/scooter rental : you will find at Loc-Scoots, two different types ; Sym Fiddle 125 (available for drivers with a class B driving licence) or Sym Mio 50 (no licence required), that you can rent depending on your needs (from a half-day, to a month) at affordable prices.

Trails from Ile-Rousse : walks and hiking tracks around Ile-Rousse, « Nantu à i chjassi di a nostra memoria », (On the pathways of our memory) Neophytes or professionals, several paths are at your disposal to take you through the villages of our region and to unveil all their secrets. With loops of 2.5 km to 12 km, everyone will find its happiness according to its level. Hiking maps are available at the Tourism Office of Ile-Rousse.

Find more activities

For more information on the activities of our region, we invite you to consult the website of the Tourism Office ! See the website



The region of Balagne will surprise you by its number of fantastic walks and hiking tracks


Private museum of Corbara : This private museum on the history of Corsica has been created by Guy Savelli, during the 1990s. It is hiding in the village of Corbara, actually in Mr Savelli's personal house. You will discover portraits, maps, original posters, handwritten letters, music instruments, a large variety of ancient books about corsican history, paintings from the 16th, 17th and 18th century, pencil drawings, handwritten parchments dated from the 12th to the 17th century.

The auditorium of Pigna : a concert everynight !
photo Pigna par Michal Osmenda

Bianconi Scuperta : For historians, for anyone passionate about history, authenticity and nature, or simply for the curious visitors, Bianconi Scuperta offers, all year long, excursions to discover the island, even in its most secret places.

Cinema : 3 cinema projections every night, from July 1rst to August 31rst : 2 movies in a indoor room with air-conditioning, at 7 p.m and 9 p.m., and 1 projection in the outdoor space at 9.30 p.m. (From September to June, 1 projection indoors, every night from Tuesday to Sunday.)




Saleccia Park : Along the sea side, near Ile-Rousse, you can visit an exceptional site of 7 hectares of corsican and mediterranean botanical gardens, landscaped by professionals. Walking through this park, you will discover the "art of gardening at the heart of the corsican maquis", exceptional vegetal collections, as well as 30 signs to guide you and explain the park's history and how it has developed its expertise towards plants. It includes also an area for a lunch break, a small restaurant, and a specific route for children.

The botanical fruit garden : a botanical garden, with a unique and experimental collection, acknowledged for its diversity, and its unique environment which is completely natural, without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides. A must see !

Thematic routes :

The road of the craftsmen - A strada di l'artigiani : This route across the Balagne is a fantastic way to meet artists in their workshop ; their mean of expression is their hands, their creativity is emphasized by the realization of incredible piece of art. Their catalog can be downloaded on the website of the tourism office of Ile-Rousse.

The road of senses : the praise of difference, of uniqueness, the roots of the past, the valuation of natural and cultural resources, it is what you will discover on this road. The expertise of the people is honored and definitely turned towards the future. In love with their land, these women and men, have the power to articulate an ancestral job and a modern lifestyle. You will find corsican products, labelled AOC and/or AOP. For more information, you can consult the website of the Office of Agricultural and Rural Development of Corsica.

The Musical Road: the app of the musical road is an invitation at the heart of an oral and acoustic inheritage, that has been at the core of the island's culture. As an interactive audioguide, it will lead you towards the places that are the witnesses of this musical culture : "canti sacri" - sacred songs in the churches, tribbiere indè l'aghje - work songs for the wheat threshing. The app recalls 90 sites, spread all over the region, flagged by specific signs. Each sign is also linked to a particular acoustic background, with an explanation of this choice. An extraordinary experience to discover by downloading the "Strada musicale" app.